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Giving Thanks at Captivated

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. While this year’s holiday may look a bit different from most, Thanksgiving often sees friends and family gathered around a table of plenty, artfully decorated with roast turkey and every sort of “fixing” imaginable.

The dinner is enjoyed and conversations abound, eventually landing on the tradition of going around the table to hear what each person is thankful for that year.

“Gratitude is a powerful force and one that we do our best to practice here at Captivated.”

Gratitude is a powerful force and one that we do our best to practice here at Captivated. So, while the turkey and fixings may not be present in this blog post, we thought we’d take a moment and share what it is that we are most thankful for at Captivated.

For what are we thankful for this year? 

Our gratitude comes down to this: our Customers.

Each one.

Each one of them had that moment when they determined to investigate ways to solve their unique business communication challenges. At some point, each one heard about Captivated and found the solution intriguing enough to contact us. Each one invested time to learn about how we could equip them to enjoy real success with business texting, secure video chat, text-enabled forms, automation, and a number of other helpful tools. 

Then one step made all the difference: each one chose us.

There are other solutions out there (perhaps not as compelling or with as much value, but that’s for another post), but they chose us. They gave us the opportunity to help them:

  • improve their business
  • reduce expenses
  • drive additional revenue
  • improve their customer experience, and 
  • take their communication to the next level. 

And we are thankful for the opportunity to help our customers do just that. 

For what are we grateful at Captivated? It comes down to this: our Customers. Each one.

We are grateful for customers like Heather Jones, COO at Northpark Community Credit Union, who let us know how “Captivated is powerful, but not at all overwhelming … for our team, it improves business continuity and compliance. For our members, it helps communicate and educate.”

We also think of Kira VonBlon at Northside ENT, who kindly shared how “[Captivated] is easy. It just saves time. We’re a small private practice, but … we are seen as an office that is on top with technology. [Captivated] sets us apart from other businesses.” 

We are thankful for the opportunity to help service business owners like Jared Slatnick at Coast Air Center, who noted how “Captivated saves time, money, and hassle. I would definitely recommend switching to Captivated. I’m even showing it to other service centers in my area. It quickly pays for itself and really is the future.”

If you are a Captivated customer, know that we give thanks for you today. And every day.

We can’t forget our many lawn service customers, like Dorothy Bucci at Elements Lawn & Pest, who shared, “We are growing and can’t put a price on the time Captivated saves us and what it offers our customers … without Captivated, it would be like going back to the dark ages … It would be a step back in technology for our company. This is the way to go.”

And we think of Chris Jones, Compliance Officer at Advantage Home Health Care, who explained how Captivated has offered him “Better communication. Better efficiency. More accountability … the more time I put into Captivated, the more I realize that we have only scratched the surface of its relevance and usefulness for our business.”

And these are just a few of the many success stories we’ve heard over the past year, stories that represent real businesses and the real people that power those businesses.

If you are a Captivated customer, know that we give thanks for you today. And every day.

So, from all of us at Captivated, have a meaningful and blessed Thanksgiving.