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Another Captivated Success Story: Northside ENT

Northside ENT, located in Indianapolis IN, is using Captivated to enhance the patient experience, promote healthy and safe check-in during COVID-19, save time, and reduce costs.


  • Text messaging better connects patients, audiologists, and support staff
  • Templates and automated workflows facilitate “touchless” check-in 
  • Secure Chat protects patient information & privacy
  • Platform solution saves time and reduce costs


“Because our patients are hearing impaired, the phone can be very difficult for them,” explained Kira VonBlon, audiologist at Northside ENT. “When patients used to ask, ‘Can I text you?’ sadly, the answer was no. I’m just not going to use my personal cell phone.”

VonBlon also shared how her office seemed to invest more time and effort in facilitating patient check-ins, responding to patient voicemails, and managing patient requests than seemed necessary. “Texting is second nature,” she admitted. “We just needed something super easy to figure out and start using.”


“It was so easy to get started with Captivated,” VonBlon said. “We quickly moved our contacts into the software, and the fact that I can now use my phone to text a patient and have it look like it’s coming from the office — it’s fantastic.”

Northside ENT has used Captivated to create a superior patient experience, even amidst COVID-19. “We used to manage walk-in hours, where patients came to have their hearing aids checked and cleaned,” explained VonBlon. “There could be a lot of people in the waiting room, which before COVID was not a huge thing, but COVID changed everything.”

“We created an entire check-in process to support safe practices during COVID. Now, when patients arrive, they simply text the word HEAR, which triggers a response from Captivated that sends our COVID questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is returned, another message directs them to remain in their car. When it’s time for them to enter the building, our team types the word READY into Captivated. Automatically, a welcome message is sent, and the patient is directed to put on a mask and come to the front desk.” This simple process keeps both patients and medical staff as safe as possible during the visit.

Northside ENT also set up a process for patients who have hearing aids in need of service. “When hearing aids come back from being repaired, a staff member simply types REPAIR to access and send a message to the patient,” explained VonBlon. “This message communicates what the patient needs to do to easily and safely pick up their hearing aids.”

Beyond process improvements like these, VonBlon and her staff are finding new ways to make life easier with Captivated. “Our three audiologists and three support staff are each set up to answer patient questions. We can transfer questions to the staff member most fitting to respond. Once the patient is in good hands, I can bow out and attend to other patients. It’s fantastic.”

Additionally, Captivated helps VonBlon make best use of the time she has, be it at or away from her desk. “I am rarely at my desk, so patient calls often go to voicemail. Rather than sitting down to call them, I can use Captivated’s voice-to-text to answer their question and move on.”

“For nights and weekends, I have my notifications enabled on the Captivated mobile app,” VonBlon explained. “If needed, I can text patients about rescheduling an appointment, for example, without having to call them early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s just easy and our patients love it.”

Looking to the future, VonBlon is excited to incorporate new aspects of Captivated. “Our Director of Finance is working on setting up Text-to-Pay. Once set up, we will be ready to roll out Captivated across the entire business. I’m also excited to begin text marketing to our database.”


“I would absolutely recommend Captivated,” stated VonBlon. “Where texting is the norm, when everyone is busy, it’s easy. It just saves time. We’re a small private practice, but because of what we offer our patients, we are seen as an office that is on top with technology. This sets us apart from other businesses.” 

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