Our Commitment To Your Security

At Captivated, we take your data and privacy seriously. We are committed to controlling security risks and protecting customers. Our team employs coordinated strategies to ensure data security is prioritized; from end-to-end encryption and other security-oriented features, to enforcing ongoing security practices for your protection, we keep compliance at the forefront of our data operations.

Whether you’re working with customers in your medical practice, handling personal financial data and investments, or serving your community in a domestic violence shelter, we are prepared to equip your organization with the secure protection you need.

Unmatched security - with the compliance certifications to prove it:

Badge of certification for CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) compliance which verifies protection of personal consumer data
Seal of compliance for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy communication practices

More on how we're keeping you and your customers safe:

Additional Security Resources

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