Captivated app integrates with other apps and software tools for improved efficiency

Connect with your tools,
connect with your customers

Captivated integrates with your everyday processes and current tech stack to streamline communication at every level. Below are our most popular core integrations.

Captivated app integrates with other apps and software tools for improved efficiency


Our Pro plans include full API Access. Current customers  can contact Support to leverage our integration resources; to get started with Captivated, select from the options below.

Hubspot logo


Sync contacts, keep records up to date, track recent conversations, and integrate with existing stages and campaigns.

Google Chrome logo


Use Captivated while on the web or using web-based CRMs, to view and manage conversations without switching tabs.


Google My Business

Link up your profile to send review requests to customers via Captivated, and view dashboard reporting.

Microsoft Outlook logo


Sync your inbox and calendar  to send meeting requests, eliminate double-booking, and allow scheduling via shared links.

Google calendar logo

Google Calendar

Sync your calendar to send links for customers to schedule appointments, eliminate double-booking, and automate reminders.

Stripe logo


Leverage your Stripe account with Captivated’s Express Pay to send invoices to customers and collect payments securely via text.

Square logo


Captivated’s Express Pay can sync with your Square account to send and manage invoices and payment collections securely via text.

Google Search Console logo

Search Console

Track key Captivated widget interactions from users on your site and sync into your Google campaign reporting.

Google Analytics logo


Keep track of key Captivated widget activities within your campaign and attribution reporting dashboards.

Plaid logo


Sync your Plaid account with Captivated’s Express Pay feature – send invoices and payments requests to customers securely via text.

Apple logo

Captivated for iPhone

Captivated’s app for iPhone allows you to access Captivated from anywhere and manage all of your conversations conveniently.

Captivated logo

Your Website

Our chat widget integrates with your website to collect chat leads that can be pulled in and managed  within your Captivated app.

Facebook Meta

Facebook Meta

Route incoming messages from your profile to your Captivated platform and handle inbound leads with our Captivated Developers app.

Realgreen Workwave logo

Workwave (Real Green)

Sync contacts, and send announcements to lists of customers; also take advantage of custom routing from SA5.

Jotform logo


If you have an existing Jotform account, it can sync with Captivated to integrate the forms and surveys you create to be sent via text.

Zapier logo


Connect the Captivated platform with your other tools to automate communication cadences, workflows, and existing processes.

Captivated logo

Web-Based CRMs

Seamlessly view and manage customer conversations and conversation histories from within a contact’s file without switching browser tabs.

Zoom logo


Sync to integrate Zoom meetings and your calendar with the booking links sent from Captivated, and connect with Zoom phone to call customers within Captivated’s app.

Shopify logo


Connect Captivated to your existing Shopify website to integrate the features you use to enhance web traffic and handle inbound leads today.

Common Questions:

Integrations allow you to use Captivated in cohesion with other tools and services in your tech stack. Leveraging integrations with Captivated allows you to sync contacts, calendars, campaigns or other strategic efforts, and conversations. The result? You and your team work and connect seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively.

The below list is not exhaustive – we are always adding new integrations and capabilities. Additionally, for more enhanced customizations or processes, you can use our Captivated API (available on Pro plans) or contact our Support team via your Captivated app to request a custom Workflow consultation.