Usage-based plans customized just for you.

Only pay for what you need

Our pricing philosophy

Let’s face it, one size does not fit all. Captivated provides service to organizations of all sizes. Some just want our core technology while others may leverage one of our premium features to collect payments, google reviews, surveys, forms or even signatures. Perhaps you only want Captivated on your website to convert leads using our powerful text-us or live chat widgets. We offer month-to-month plans and annual plans. Of course, if you are going all-in, you will love our Pro Plans or our Works Bundled Add-On.  Our Small Business Plan starts as low as $59.00 per month.

Custom plans from great partners

Captivated is one of the most robust messaging platforms in the market today. To best serve each industry, we often leverage certified partners to help sell and deliver our technology. These professional services and consulting partners can help you define best practices and build Captivated into your existing workflows.

Onboarding & Training

  • Compliance setup
  • Queue and Team setup
  • Auto-response and after-hours setup
  • Text Us and Live Chat Website Widget setup
  • Online kickoff meeting
  • Online Bootcamp for new users
  • Data import assistance

Core Features

Additional Features

For pricing, text us at 317-316-3188 to build your plan

How does your pricing work?

Captivated plans are custom built based on the size of your team and the estimated number of messages you anticipate using per month. You may sign up for a month-to-month or annual plan. Annual plans are paid up front in a single subscription payment and typically provide you with a 15%-20% savings. To get your custom proposal text us or contact your local reseller.

Need to use additional messages? No problem!

Unlike other services where you may pay overage fees or automatically get bumped to a larger plan, Captivated only invoices you for your actual messages used. This is perfect for businesses with fluctuating and seasonal business where you can build your plan with a low message count and then only pay for what you really use.​

What is the “Share the Love” program?​

Think of “Share the Love” as a Customer Rewards program. Just share your custom “Share the Love” code with your friends and you both are rewarded when they sign up.​

Can I cancel or change my subscription at any time?

Our month-to-month subscription can be canceled or changed at any time. Many of our clients start out on our month-to-month plan and move to our annual plan for additional savings. (about a 20% savings)​

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and eCheck/ACH. *Note, invoice billing is available on annual contracts and on monthly contracts for an additional fee.

Need help getting started?

We are here to help customize your plan or assist you with best practice templates, queues, team setup and more.