Frequently asked questions

Yes, in most cases enabling your existing landline or toll-free number takes less than an hour. In some cases, as for an employee hotline, you may want to text enable your business number for client conversations and have a dedicated number that we provide you with, for HR, for example.
Yes. We can give you local or toll-free numbers that your customers can call or text.
Captivated is a robust enterprise platform. You can have unlimited users and set them up based on department, team, activity, or even expertise. If they use the phone and email to engage with your audience, they should have a Captivated login.
No. Your customers can text your business using the standard texting app on their phone. They send a text to your business the same way they would to family and friends.
No. All of your personal information including your cell phone number is completely protected when using our mobile app.
Yes. When using our web app, you must have a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive texts. With our mobile app, you can text using either your phone’s data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.
We recommend Google Chrome to leverage our Chrome extension. Firefox, Safari and Edge are okay too. Captivated is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
No, for sending to large groups of 2k or more, we recommend our high throughput toll-free number technology. At 10 messages per second, it rivals short-code delivery and you don’t have the $1500 per-month add-on cost for your own shortcode. Our announcement feature allows you to send in BCC fashion with custom merge fields. This allows you to make the message feel personal rather than like spam. You can also leverage our keyword action and automated opt-in registration technology to make marketing via SMS both easy and most importantly, compliant. As a bonus, our announcement feature allows you to add attachments, surveys, form requests, rsvp’s, video, audio, and even voice memos.