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Customers demand real-time right-now responses. Our features equip your team to engage instantly with one customer or ten customers – whatever the situation calls for. Have authentic, automated, real-time conversations with Captivated today.

Captivated product features and functionality

has entered the chat.

With Captivated’s Team Chat feature, internal personnel can chat and leave notes for each other, to quickly work together (even within a customer conversation, for easy reference). Users can tag one another, to seek help or to bring an internal expert in to assist a customer where needed.

Click. Pay (securely).
It's that simple.

Send invoices and collect payments via text, using our secure payment request link. Easily keep track of open/unpaid invoices and keep records within conversation histories for fast reference. Provides options for credit card or ACH payments.

Route & drive conversion actions instantly.

Keyword Routing lets you automatically direct customers where they need to go – no hold times required. And with Captivated’s exclusive Automations capabilities, you can set up automatic replies to convert customers faster, with less admin time on your part.

Less admin work. More consistent cadences.

Streamline your everyday communication processes with automated Workflow cadences: from appointment check-ins, to sales or prospecting follow-ups, and even to retention practices or reputation management, Captivated’s Workflows can be easily set up to improve efficiency, while reducing manual effort. 

Ditch the spam: send targeted, relevant text campaigns.

With Captivated, you can send an Announcement to a defined list of customers in a matter of seconds. You can also create ‘tags’ to label and categorize your customers based on their past purchases, preferences, or other identifiers of your choice; so when an offer or release is relevant to a certain segment of customers,  you can easily send a targeted, customized text to the customers in your database who share that ‘tag.’

But wait: there's more...

Check out the additional features Captivated has to offer

Google Review Collection

Collect Google Reviews directly within Captivated, and use our dashboard to see which employees are driving the most reviews and their average star rating. Available for Choice and Pro Plans.

Website Live Chat

Add Live Chat to your included Website Text-Us widget to drive more conversations from your homepage. Recommended if you have dedicated chat agents ready to quickly respond. Available for Choice and Pro Plans.

After-Hours & Off-Season Auto-Replies

Set open and/or closed queue auto-replies that trigger based on your set hours of operation. Manually override your set hours by toggling a queue to be open or closed.

TCPA Customized Compliance Setup

Our custom opt-in/opt-out technology provides superior consent tracking to meet TCPA guidelines.

QR Code Workflows & Check-ins

Collect opt-ins and other registration information and tag new or existing contacts for easy sorting, using custom QR codes. Available for Pro Plans.

API Access

Easily send text messages from other applications using our API to start two-way conversations. Available on Pro Plans.

Face-to-Face Video Chat

Instantly connect with your audience via video through a quick text invitation. No software downloads needed. Perfect for virtual services or telehealth appointments.

Scheduled Messages & Reminders

Schedule follow-up texts or announcements to be sent at a later date/time. Also schedule internal notes to be sent to yourself or to team members, as reminders.


Quickly and easily call contacts over your business landline or toll-free number from any device, including personal cell phones.

Power Templates

Give your team a library of templates to quickly connect with customers. Templates can include custom merge fields for personalization.

Dashboard Reporting

Measure key stats like messages per user, messages per channel, and average response time per department.

Send Attachments

Attach files to messages or templates for easy access. Compatible file formats include PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG, DOCX, and more.

Let us help you keep your conversations secure.

Keep data and personal information private. Learn about Captivated’s security and compliance practices and features (like end-to-end encryption).