Find Your Fit

See how our offerings can fit your unique business needs and setup, and find the right month-to-month plan to help you grown and connect with customers.

Captivated serves businesses and processes of every kind

Small Businesses

Small doesn’t have to mean limited. Captivated equips your business with the ability to streamline booking, automate reminders and follow-ups, send custom targeted campaigns, and manage reviews – all from the same place you handle customer conversations and inbound leads.

Features to help small businesses grow and streamline, such as scheduling and reminders, workflow technology, and review requests

Multi-Dept Companies

Different roles fulfill unique responsibilities – and Captivated can help with all of them. From sales and marketing initiatives to IT and accounting, check out how our features equip each job role and department for success.

Companies with multiple departments can use Captivated to collaborate internally and streamline external communication

Enterprise & Franchise Organizations

Standardize authentic customer connections and streamlined communications, by leveraging Captivated’s cross-channel capabilities. Use message templates across organizations, simplify hiring, and automate cohesive workflows and escalations.

Enterprises benefit from escalations, cross-location reporting and insights, and standardized compliance and communication processes