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for Good.TM

Times are changing.

This age-old saying has become an understatement! Almost overnight, businesses and organizations have had to adapt to methods of communication once considered optional. Today, those methods have become mandatory in many cases. As we move toward the future in anticipation of your organization’s evolving demand for fast efficient and safe interaction and exchange, CAPTIVATED’S Texting for Business is changing communication… for good.

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The ease of texting

No app required, frictionless.

The power of Captivated

Text using your landline from desktop or app.

Who can you text using Captivated?

Captivated works for any type of audience by helping your business save time and improve customer relations.

Why Captivated?

The best way to reach someone quickly is via text. With Captivated, When a text comes in, it is easily transferred to an employee like a phone call. The benefit, no hold time and the contact is immediately engaged in the person that can help them.

More Leads

Receive texts directly from your website or from any of your landline or toll-free numbers.

Improved Efficiency

The average customer responds to an email in 90 minutes and a text in 90 seconds.

More Familiarity

Communicate with customers in real-time the same way they would with family and friends.

Greater Convenience

Americans prefer texting to phone calls 5 to 1 - so do your customers.

Better Engagement

Texting provides an engagement rate that is 6 times better than email.

Increased Revenue

Greater customer engagement and retention equal more sales opportunities; and more sales opportunities and happier customers equal greater revenue.

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