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“I’ve Got A Guy:” How You Can Become The Inside Connection For Your Customers

Have you ever been around someone that just goes on and on about how amazing something is, maybe it is a movie, place, business, or sports team. The passion they wear on their face, that is further expressed in their tone can often be contagious, causing you to join the chorus with a standing ovation. 

If you are a businessman you know how important it is to have loyal customers that are not just supportive, but are raving fans. These customers say “I’ve got a guy” even in the midst of other competition. 

In fact, Captivated enables companies to become “the guy” for each of their customers by creating personal, reliable, and enjoyable communication that stands out against competition.

You might be thinking to yourself “that sounds great, but how does Captivated accomplish this?”

Texting is more personal

In order to say, “I’ve got a guy” you have to have a literal “guy”. While many businesses resolve to automated messages or robotic communication, they hinder customer relationships. In general, communication has proven to be most effective when it is person-to-person because we are able to care and empathize with one another. This is significant in meeting customers’ needs, as we care for them, we are committed to going above and beyond to create the best experience. In the simplest way, caring for customers is being attentive to hearing and meeting their needs. There is no better way of doing this than text conversation. Customers do not have to email back and forth with companies or play phone tag anymore, they can merely pick up their cell phone and text, making it easier to deliver needs, expectations, and opinions than ever before. Captivated customers are now able to communicate needs faster and companies are better equipped at hearing, understanding, and meeting those needs through the feasibility of texting. This creates value for the customer, as they are viewed as people with needs, not as dollar signs.

Texting is reliable

As they say in the business world “time is money”,  which is why companies are always trying to find time-saving tools for their businesses. But, many companies are unaware of the powerful time-saving tool that texting is. Texting is reliable because of its deliverability and open rates (these two must go hand in hand in order to be reliable). First off, texting has a deliverability and open rate of a whopping 98%. Not only that but, Ivana Vnucec, content writer for Paldesk blog, states, “people are 10 times more likely to answer a text message than any other channel of communication.” In the business world where time is of the essence, text conversations are communicated easily and quickly, making needs and expectations received faster, therefore met faster.

Captivated has the best features

Now that we have uncovered the reasons how texting can enable your company to become “the guy”; why choose Captivated over other texting softwares? Captivated is superior because of the variety of features it offers to meet your business’ custom needs such as, scheduling appointments, sending and receiving forms, collecting payments, and sending announcements to designated groups of contacts (this allows you to send carbon copy texts to a group of multiple recipients).  Check out all of our features here:

After long and extensive research of comparing 17 other texting softwares, we found that none of them could provide all the features that Captivated offers. For instance, many other softwares could send forms, but could not live chat or send surveys. Captivated goes above and beyond by allowing companies to reach for the stars in how they communicate with their customers. Lawn Doctor, a well-known lawn care franchise, is a fantastic example of how to use Captivated to provide a superior customer experience: Lawn Doctor sent photos to customers, showing a type of stubborn and harmful grass that grows on the outskirts of their lawns. By showing close-up pictures, the customers were more educated and able to know how to spot this particular issue and could reach out via text for assistance in resolving this problem. Examples of how Captivated customers have become “the guy” are not limited to just Lawn Doctor. To check out more examples of raving fans of Captivated, be sure to check out our Google reviews.


If you are a great businessman you do not want customers to merely nod in support of your business, rather you strive to produce customers that proclaim a confident “I’ve got a guy”, even in the midst of competition. If you want to have these customers, consider signing up for a demo to get more information on how we change satisfied customers to spokespeople that do the selling for you.