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Customers demand real-time right-now response. Empower your team to engage instantly with one customer or ten customers – whatever the situation calls for, all at once.

Why our texting is better

Uniquely designed with your business in mind.

Captivated’s proprietary platform takes texting to a whole new level. One size doesn’t always fit all. Our software is designed to meet your specific business needs. Robust commercial features and more advanced technology make it the most complete ‘out of the box’ solution in the industry.

What’s included

Get 15+ features out of the box with Captivated. See pricing.

Express Pay

Collect payment via ACH (bank) or credit card and pass the convenience fees on to your customer. Track payouts or process a refund directly within Captivated.


Message large groups of your opted-in contacts. By sending in BCC format, the recipients feel like the message is sent only to them. Attach videos, photos, PDFs and more to these messages.

TCPA Customized Compliance Setup

Our custom opt-in/opt-out technology provides superior consent tracking to meet TCPA guidelines.

Keyword Replies

Trigger automated responses based on any inbound words or phrases you designate.

After-Hours & Off-Season Auto-Replies

Set open and/or closed queue auto-replies that trigger based on your set hours of operation. Manually override your set hours by toggling a queue to be open or closed.

Text-Us Website Lead

With our ADA-compliant website lead generator, your visitors can instantly start a live chat or SMS conversation to connect with your team.

Power Templates

Give your team a library of templates to quickly connect with customers. Templates can include custom merge fields for personalization.

Dashboard Reporting

Measure key stats like messages per user, messages per channel, and average response time per department.

Send Attachments

Attach files to messages or templates for easy access. Compatible file formats include PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG, DOCX, and more.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule follow-up messages or announcements to be sent at a later date/time.

Face-to-Face Video Chat

Instantly connect with your audience via video through a quick text invitation. No software downloads are needed for your clients or patients — perfect for virtual services, sales visits, or telehealth appointments.


Quickly and easily call contacts over your business landline or toll-free number from any device, including personal cell phones.

QR Code Check-In & Self-Enrollment

Collect opt-ins and other registration information and tag new or existing contacts for easy sorting.

Unlimited Contacts

Bulk import your contacts and easily store information like phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more.

Facebook Messenger

Manage your Facebook Messenger conversations directly within Captivated.

Optional Features

Powerful functionality that brings much more than texting to the table.

Google Review Collection

Collect Google Reviews directly within Captivated. All Google My Business page reviews flow into Captivated. This includes a dashboard to show you which employees are driving the most reviews and their average star rating.

Workflows & Automations

Create branches of automated events to keep track of interactions, including messages sent and received, workflow states, time elapsed, and more. Trigger immediate or delayed actions based on your customized events.

Team Chat

Greatly improve internal communication using group chats, one-to-one conversations, and one-way announcements to keep your team updated.

Forms, Surveys & Signatures

Leverage custom forms, surveys, and applications to quickly and compliantly collect data via text. These include unlimited submissions. Ask our team about integration with your existing JotForm or Formstack account.

Website Live Chat

Add Live Chat to your included Website Text-Us widget to drive more conversations from your homepage. Recommended if you have dedicated chat agents ready to quickly respond.

Secure Chat (for HIPAA,
Financial & Hotlines)

Securely manage medical or financial conversations. Our Secure Chat feature provides end-to-end encryption, and no data remains on your patients’ or clients’ cell phone when the chat ends.

3rd Party Payments

Collect payments via text using our PCI-compliant Text-to-Pay feature. Connect with your existing merchant account using the gateway (a VISA company).

Custom QR Code Workflows

Launch Workflows & Automations within Captivated using custom QR codes.

API Access

Easily send text messages from other applications using our API to start two-way conversations.

Schedule a 30-minute demo

Meet with a member of our team for a virtual walkthrough.

Talk with a representative

Discuss your specific needs by scheduling a 10-minute call.
Onboarding & training

We investigate, educate, activate, and elevate your business.

We have built the most comprehensive onboarding and training process in the industry. Not because our product is hard to use – it isn’t at all – but because it’s such a powerful tool that will positively change the way you engage your customers and directly impact your business!
We insist that you are absolutely, without-a-doubt confident and set up for success from the very beginning. Our All-In service means we’re going to hold your hand every step of the way.
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Initial set up includes:
Queue and team setup
Online kickoff meeting
Text us and live chat website widget setup
Auto-response and after-hours setup
Compliance setup
Data import assistance
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Under the hood

No other commercial text platform on the market offers this much horsepower for the money.
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