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4 Ways To Thank Your Customers More Effectively – And More Easily – All Year Round

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but there is no such thing as a bad day to say thank you to your customers. How might you show gratitude? We give you four key types of messages to try. Best of all, each strategy can be effectively automated to help streamline your processes and cut down your admin time.

4 Key Ways to Thank Your Customers All Year Round:

1. Real-time, at point-of-sale.

There is no time like the present: when a customer is face-to-face, and you’ve got their attention, there is no greater opportunity to express appreciation and reiterate the value that they bring to your business. In-person interactions (and the way you make customers feel) are the most memorable type of communication you can provide.

2. With a follow-up message after the appointment/sale.

Depending on your business structure and processes, this could be sent individually, or you could also automate this to be sent through Captivated as part of a workflow (for example, you could have your thank-you message send three days after a customer purchase).

3. By providing custom offers for future purchases.

This is another type of message that could be automated within Captivated: you can go into a customer’s conversation and ‘tag’ that customer based on their attributes (for example, based on the products they’ve purchased, their service/subscription level, their preferences, etc.). From there, you could send a targeted message and offer to the list of customers in your system who have that ‘tag.’ Relevant offers can contribute true value, provide incentive to return, and improve customer retention and lifetime value.   

4. By making it easy for them to thank YOU.

One of the easiest yet most often-overlooked things that a business can do to improve their reputation and drive more business in the long run: ASK for the review! At point of sale, customers may or may not be willing to do it. Make it a part of your process to send a quick link and request for a review on your preferred platform. And, of course, this can also be automated within Captivated.

Ready to get started for yourself? If you are already a Captivated user, head to the Help Center and search “automation” and “templates” to find help creating automated messages and designing easy and customizable text campaign templates.

Looking for more in-depth help, or not sure where to begin? Chat with Support (from the left-hand side menu in the Captivated dashboard), or send us a text or chat through our website at!

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