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Our onboarding process

🔎 Investigate

We spend time with designated team members in key facets of your business. We listen. We learn. And we build workflows that leverage Captivated’s proprietary tools and functionalities for your unique business environment.

📚 Educate

We conduct one-on-one and team training sessions to ensure every point in the communication chain is comfortable with the platform, from activation to maintenance to troubleshooting and more. This also allows our clients to “kick the tires” and pressure-test the system before interacting with real clients.

✅ Activate

Upon completion of training, you’re ready to fly. We work closely with you to ensure a successful launch of the platform, including how to market Captivated as an essential real-time communication channel for your clients.
And, by the way, we use it for supporting you too. You’ll experience how handy it is to communicate with us in real-time with real questions.

📈 Elevate

Beyond a mere communication tool, Captivated’s texting platform is a game-changer for customer response and service. Our easy-to-use web interface and mobile application allows you to benchmark and track your team’s interactions with your customers, supporting a culture of service and continued improvement.

Schedule a 30-minute demo

Meet with a member of our team for a virtual walkthrough.

Talk with a representative

Discuss your specific needs by scheduling a 10-minute call.

What we’re hearing

“5/5 when it came to onboarding our team.

They offered seamless communication with us while onboarding, and now we can offer great, flexible communication to our own customers.”

Judd - VP Operations

Bone Dry Roofing

“Captivated has increased sales and communication with our customers

and delivers better customer service. The Captivated team really listens to us, takes our ideas, and finds ways to implement them.”

Ben - CEO

My Best Lawn

“Switching to Captivated was so easy

and working with their Captivated Support was like nothing else.”

Kyra - Encore Delivery Specialist

Gold Rush Subaru

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Captivated Client Success Specialist

I love the satisfaction of helping people. It can be something as simple as answering a quick question or diving deeper with a customer, understanding and ultimately meeting their core needs. 😎

Captivated Account Specialist

I enjoy being a part of the client’s AHA moment when they realize how much this investment is worth. How Captivated has improved their business and how our support team has helped them when they needed it.