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A Surefire Way Insurance Agents can Improve Engagement & Organization

Trying to get in touch with a client? Perhaps it’s not a good time for them to answer the phone. Maybe they don’t recognize your number…so you leave them a voicemail. Maybe they’ll get around to listening to it in the next few days…but they might not be checking their voicemail at all. You get where I’m going with this. Sometimes getting in touch with customers is a pain.
According to eVoice, only 18 percent of people listen to voicemails from numbers they don’t recognize. In contrast, SMS text messages have a 98 percent open rate. With texting, you can let clients know who you are and what you need without playing phone or voicemail tag. In short, texting provides better engagement.
Not only does Captivated offer better engagement with clients, but also, it provides great organizational tools to help you better manage conversations with clients.
Task Scheduling enables you to set and organize reminders with alerts. As soon as the time comes for the task to be complete, the task shows up as overdue.
In-Line Notes allow you to keep track of those details you want to remember about a client or a conversation. The note is recorded right in the conversation and cannot be seen by your client.
You can share your Virtual Business Card with clients in a text so that all of your contact information is easy to save directly into their phones.
Tags enable you to organize your clients by category. Need to alert certain clients of a policy change? You can easily search and find clients with specific tags so that you know exactly whom you need to contact.
A smart tech investment can skyrocket your engagement with clients and your overall productivity. Our system works in the background so that any other software continues uninterrupted. According to Gallup, “sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for Americans younger than 50.” Try Captivated to engage clients your clients efficiently and effectively today.