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Another Captivated Success Story: Advantage Home Health Care

Advantage Home Health Care, located in Muncie IN, uses Captivated to maximize communication across all entities involved in the delivery of home health care, while enhancing the patient experience, improving internal operations, and reducing costs.


  • Secure Chat protects patient information & privacy
  • Text messaging better connects patients, nurses, and doctors
  • Archived conversations build internal accountability
  • Platform solution improves efficiency and reduce costs


“We’ve partnered with Captivated for years,” noted Chris Jones, Compliance Office for Advantage Home Health Care, “and we haven’t even begun to reach the limits of what Captivated can do for us.” However, prior to implementing Captivated, business was quite different for Jones and the rest of the team at Advantage Home Health Care.

A few years ago, Advantage found itself needing to improve their patient communication and internal operations, but do so at a price point favorable to the medium-sized, privately-owned health care business. “In the past, everything was about paper and the fax machine,” explained Jones. “Our people were on the phones constantly. They’d start one thing and another call would come in. Cases fell through the cracks.” It became obvious that their internal operations and the resulting patient experience were suffering.

“Just because we’ve always done it one way, doesn’t mean it’s the best,” said Jones, admitting that yesterday’s tactics wouldn’t support their future business demands. “Then came Captivated. When I first saw it, I saw the potential it had.”


Following a simple implementation, Captivated was quickly adopted by nearly every, single part of our Advantage’s business. “We use it in every department,” stated Jones. 

  • Schedulers communicate with healthcare field staff
  • Nurses communicate with their patients and doctors
  • Recruiters and Marketers use it to contact future employees
  • Billing uses it to resolve questions and payment issues

Jones continued to list a number of other benefits he’s experienced with Captivated. “The Announcement feature has been great for us with all the changes happening with Coronavirus. Within minutes, we can have everybody updated. It gives you peace of mind.” 

Additionally, when a field staff member is having trouble finding a patient’s home, schedulers can request their location through Captivated. “If we have a health care provider in the middle of nowhere, they can quickly be sent in the right direction,” explained Jones. 

“Then there are the challenges in working with sensitive healthcare information,” said Jones. “Now, in real time, you have the proof that a secure conversation occurred. A 100% accurate resource to reference, since that conversation is archived and kept in that thread. If I need to recall later, I know I’ll have the recording.”


How has business operated since partnering with Captivated? “Better communication. Better efficiency. More accountability,” Jones stated with great satisfaction. “And with these come cost savings.”

Healthcare providers, like Advantage, are using Captivated to schedule appointments with patients, send and receive HIPAA-compliant medical history and insurance forms, send appointment reminders, schedule phone calls, offer patients a secure video chat, receive payments (via Text to Pay), and quickly answer a patient’s question or concern over their preferred channel: secure text messaging.

With all the progress made at Advantage, the best is yet to come. “The more time I put into Captivated,” Jones added, “the more I realize that we have only scratched the surface of its relevance and usefulness for our business.”

Interested in how Captivated can bring this same level of success to your business?  Text us today at 317.316.3188