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Somebody, Please Pick Up.

We live in an age where instant gratification is king. For many, myself included, when we want something, we want it right away. Growing up, my dad liked to give me a friendly reminder from time-to-time that, “Patience is a virtue.” While I respect his words of wisdom, I also believe there is a time and place for patience. When it comes to customers, your business is going to get the best results by tending their needs quickly.

In the business world, we clearly see how instant gratification comes into play by the drastic decline in the use of voicemail. Recent statistics from Forbes magazine revealed that 80 percent of callers sent to voicemail simply don’t leave a message because they believe their message will not be heard. Additionally, a recent survey by eVoice found that only 33 percent of people listen to voicemail from business contacts, and only 18 percent listen to voicemails from numbers they don’t recognize.
Despite some of these shocking statistics, voicemail is still used daily. So what does it look like when a voicemail is used? According to a study by Nuance Communications and Research now, most voicemail messages are not heard for at least 8 hours. Furthermore, uReach Technologies says that 30 percent of voicemails linger unheard for three or more days!
Let’s be honest. You don’t want to leave a 60-second voicemail after the beep, and you certainly don’t want to listen to one. Your business’ time and energy could be spent doing more productive things, and your customers do not want to wait days to hear back from you. So, as voicemail usage continues its downward spiral towards obsolescence, how can your business communicate with its customers in a way that works for them?
You guessed it. Texting. Not only is texting more practical for your business but also, it is so much more convenient for your customers. In fact, Nuance Communications found that 95 percent of people find text messaging more convenient than voicemail. So, skip the hassle of voicemail and phone tag and start letting your customers text you. They will love it.