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Another Captivated Success Story: Elements Lawn & Pest

Another Captivated Success Story: Elements Lawn & Pest

Elements Lawn & Pest, a thriving family-owned business located in Cherry Hill NJ, uses Captivated to reduce costs, drive incremental revenue, maximize communication with customers, and offer an experience superior to that of local competition. 


  • Text messaging provides stronger communication with customers
  • File and image sharing saves time and reduces operational costs
  • Text marketing drives incremental revenue
  • Superior customer experience beats out local competition


Elements Lawn & Pest, like many small to medium-sized businesses, needed to take their customer communication strategy to the next level. “Our current marketing platform is big on email, but people are bombarded with email,” explained Dorothy Bucci of Elements Pest & Control. “It does allow us to pre-notify an appointment via text, but that’s it. We needed a better way.”


From the start, Bucci has quickly seen the value of Captivated. “It has made a huge difference. Strong communication is part of our mission statement,” said Bucci. “Captivated helps set us apart from the competition.”

The impact can be seen across the company, from accounting to business development. “A little text reminder from Accounts Receivable,” recalled Bucci, “and nine times of ten I get a better, faster response than with a phone call.”

For Bucci, the text marketing capabilities have also helped in driving incremental revenue. “If we are experiencing drought,” she explained, “we can send out a mass text and attach a PDF with helpful information on lawn care. That ability to communicate with our customers in mass is working wonderfully.”

In the past, basic business included the potential for property visits, where lawns would be assessed and any concerns noted. “Now, if there’s a problem area in someone’s lawn, we get pictures texted to us through Captivated,” shared Bucci. “That in itself has helped us cut costs by reducing the number property visits.” 

And the customer is just as happy. “Think about it,” explained Bucci, “before, a customer had to take the picture, copy over to email, and so on. While it saves our team time and energy, it’s also much easier for the customer. They are used to texting, so they are responding positively.”


“We’re a small, local, family-owned business,” stated Bucci. “We are growing and can’t put a price on the time Captivated saves us and what it offers our customers.” In fact, it’s providing so much value that Bucci struggles to imagine doing business with it. “Without Captivated, it would be like going back to the dark ages, when dinosaurs roamed the earth,” she said with a chuckle. “It would be a step back in technology for our company. This is the way to go.”

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