You are currently viewing Another Captivated Success Story: NorthPark Community Credit Union

Another Captivated Success Story: NorthPark Community Credit Union

NorthPark Community Credit Union (NCCU), located in Indianapolis IN, has used Captivated to improve customer communication and the overall experience of their membership, while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance standards.


  • Opt-in process to maintain compliance
  • Secure Chat to protect member information & privacy
  • Secure Mobile Chat (video) to build rapport
  • Soft transfers between Queues to maximize the customer experience
  • Templates featuring Online Forms to educate & engage members


NCCU researched the idea of taking banking “virtual” prior to COVID-19, but when restrictions from the virus hit, they knew they needed to transition as quickly as possible. “Some of the texting software we looked at was antiquated and didn’t have the capabilities we needed,” explained Heather Jones, COO of the NorthPark Community Credit Union. “Others were very expensive and offered nothing beyond what Captivated included.”

After seeing Captivated, NCCU wasted no time in getting started. “The implementation was easy,” said Jones. “24 hours after seeing Captivated, we signed on and were fully functional within 2-3 days. The online training videos were helpful to our staff who were, at that point, 100% virtual because of COVID.”


As NCCU considered how it would begin using text messaging to engage with members, compliance was critical. “It was important that our members were opting in,” noted Jones, “and that the opt-in experience was quick and easy.” Within two months of moving to Captivated, the team at NCCU has witnessed an incredible adoption rate. 

With more members engaging through Captivated, NCCU is discovering new ways to leverage its breadth of capabilities. “Nearly every department is using it,” said Jones.

  • Member Services uses Online Forms for everything from address changes to account closures, which members can easily complete, sign, and return. Beyond Secure Chat, they also use the Mobile Chat, which is perfect when a face-to-face conversation is preferred.
  • The Loan Department, which likewise uses Mobile Chat and Online Forms, builds necessary rapport with loan applicants through the Exchange Contact Card feature.
  • The Collections Department uses Scheduled Texts to remind members when payment is due. They also use Captivated to attach important files to documented text strings when communicating with their repossession agents.


Jones explained how partnering with Captivated made it so much easier to transition to 100% virtual banking. “Our older members, for example, used to rely on their kids to help them bank online. Now, they feel truly comfortable talking face-to-face with a representative over Captivated’s Mobile Chat.”

And when members need to communicate with various departments, the experience is seamless with group messaging. “We have Queues set up in Captivated to keep things well-organized,” explained Jones. “And it’s nice to have the Transfer capability, so conversations can quickly move between staff to best serve our members.”

“The templates have also been helpful,” added Jones. “Because we moved to virtual banking, we have set up several message Templates in Captivated. These include links directly to landing pages with key information. Should a member need help with virtual banking at NCCU, our Templates quickly point them to all the information they need.”


“Voicemails may sit for hours or days,” Jones explained, “but with texting, responses are much faster. Captivated is powerful, but not at all overwhelming; so the age of your customers doesn’t matter. For our team, it improves business continuity and compliance. For our members, it helps communicate and educate — it is definitely worth the investment.”

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