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Touch And Go – The Story Of Never Hearing Back

The word “tag” might ignite the fun, and excitable childhood memories on the playground as you recall the adrenaline rush you got as you ran around, avoiding the “tagger” at all costs. But, if you have ever heard of the term “phone tagging” you would know that it is neither fun nor exciting. Phone tagging is the endless cycle of two people trying to call one another to find the other person unavailable. This dreadful game can be especially frustrating when you are trying to get a hold of a company you need information or a service from. This is the reason that many businesses have moved to texting their customers instead. So stop playing phone tag with calls! Texting is superior to calling because it maintains the flow of communication, creates a reliable channel where people are more likely to respond, and creates an enjoyable and less intrusive means of communication.

Maintains the flow of communication:

As round-abouts promote the flow of traffic that stop signs interrupt, so texting promotes the flow of communication that calling interrupts. Calling customers places roadblocks in the flow of communication because a person can only converse on the phone effectively if they are in the right place at the right time. In other words, the opportunity for effective conversations through the phone is especially slim. Texting, on the other hand, does not have roadblocks; a message is delivered regardless. A person is able to receive a text message and respond at a later time rather than declining communication because it is not the opportune time.This saves valuable time for the customer and company.

Creates a reliable channel:

For something to be reliable it has to be consistent. Calling has already proven to be ineffective, but what about texting? According to studies done by Pew Research Center, “SMS response rates are 295% higher than responses from phone calls”. Not only that, “the open rates for text messages is 98%”. Because texting is so reliable, the businesses that use texting build a trusted relationship with their customers, where needs are heard and met in a timely manner. When companies prove to be reliable, customers turn into loyal fans that look no further than their new go-to guy. 

Offers an enjoyable experience that calling does not:

Let’s face it, calling can be awkward. It is the combination of uncomfortable silences trying to think of what to say next and the dreadful anticipation of how to end the call. Texting eliminates all of this and creates a more comfortable experience for the customer and the company. Not only can calling be awkward, it is intrusive. This can be especially true if you are in public. Although the people around you are often unable to hear the full conversation, they can plainly hear you. This can draw unnecessary, uncomfortable, and unwanted attention to you. Although calling can be productive to discuss extensive information, texting is the best option for brief conversations, and is a casual and comfortable communication channel for businesses and customers.


If you’re ready to stop playing phone tag and start connecting with your customers quickly and effectively, you should consider Captivated. Captivated is a texting software that enables companies to directly text their customers, but it goes beyond mere text conversation. It also has advanced features such as photo sharing, sending and receiving forms, live chat, scheduling appointments and even collecting payments. Everything that your business needs to succeed in communicating with your customers is wrapped up in this software. So, avoid phone tagging and the frustrations that come with it, and start caring for your customers by providing them with their preferred channel of communication.