Texting provides an engagement rate over 6 times that of email.

The Compelling Case for more efficient communication. Business Texting for all ages.

Using a new, more effective channel to communicate with ALL ages We know that communication is the key to delivering great customer service and to driving loyalty. So that begs the question, why are we still forcing people to use “two struggling channels” (phone and email) to communicate? Why not introduce messaging as an alternative to connect with your audience? Since 2014, there have been more cell phones in the United States than people. It is hard to find an adult anywhere that does not have their smartphone within arm’s reach and who does not prefer texting to emailing. The best part about texting is we don’t have to train people how to use it; some can even do it blindfolded and of course “look ma, no hands” for those voice to text users. It is amazing how many organizations we run into that believe their customers don’t want to text because of their age yet they expect them to navigate a complicated company/patient web portal. Oftentimes, I hear business owners or office managers tell me, I am not so sure our clients want to communicate via text. Think about it, how do you think most of your clients/patients are reaching their children and their grandchildren? Throw in the fact that the average consumer is getting conditioned to NEVER pick up their cell phone because of the ever-increasing number of SPAM and ROBO-CALLS. Note, there are more than 2.5 billion Robo-Calls each month. If you were to conduct a quick survey of your clients, you will find that a majority of them prefer texting, irrespective of age. In many... read more

Business texting; who’da thunk it!

There are endless choices for businesses today as we consider different ways to reach our customers or more importantly have them reach us. Direct mail morphed into email which morphed into social media which has morphed into mobile applications. No matter which option you choose for your business, we just cannot ignore the fact that people have their mobile device within hands reach 24-7.

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What does Poor Customer Service REALLY do?

We are all aware that poor customer service affects your business negatively. But what makes customer service “poor” and what are some of the negative effects of bad customer service? Poor customer service often consists of automated self-service, long wait times, inadequate attention to detail, and inexperienced customer service agents (Salesforce). Customer service might also be bad because of a rude customer service agent.

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Somebody, Please Pick Up.

We live in an age where instant gratification is king. For many, myself included, when we want something, we want it right away. Growing up, my dad liked to give me the friendly reminder from time that, “Patience is a virtue.” While I respect his words of wisdom, I also believe there is a time and place for patience. When it comes to customers, your business is going to get the best results by tending their needs quickly.

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3 Reasons Your Business Should Text

We’ve all been there. You’ve been on hold with your insurance company for ten minutes, passed around to different departments, and no one has the answer to your question. Did you know that the average person will spend 43 days of his or her life on hold waiting for a call? (PR Newswire). Responsiveness is key to the satisfaction of customers, and timely responses can greatly influence your customers’ happiness. As texting is now the most prevalent form of communication in the country, there are important reasons your business should be texting customers.

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