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Another Captivated Success Story: Beacon Center

Beacon Center, headquartered in Daytona Beach FL, provides emergency shelter, advocacy, support groups, and other needed services to survivors of domestic violence. Beacon Center uses Captivated to offer fast, safe, and private communication with those experiencing domestic abuse.


  • Secure Chat drives safe & confidential communication with consumers
  • Video Chat offers private channel for immediate face-to-face connection
  • Transfer & Group Chat ensures the right people are brought into every conversation
  • Enhanced communication increases engagement with donors


“Consumers who may have been in unsafe situations could only call us,” explained Angie Pye, CEO of Beacon Center. “This made it challenging to contact us when they were in the home with abusive partners.” And while Beacon Center received text messages from those in need, this had its own limitations. “We were using general text lines without shared access,” stated Pye. “We needed to increase access to our organization.”


One of the biggest challenges for someone experiencing domestic violence is to quickly and safely connect — and disconnect — with the help they need. “Now we have a new way for survivors, in homes with unsafe, abusive partners, to reach us and maintain confidentiality and privacy,” shared Pye. Beyond providing this, Captivated also facilitates shared and group messaging for Pye and her colleagues, which, as Pye explained, “increases communication and allows the ability to include new people in the conversation.”

Beyond changing communication with their consumers, Beacon Center also has changed the way their employees, volunteers, and donors communicate. “We have a published text line for survivors in need, but also for donors and supporters to easily contact us.”


“Captivated offers our survivors better communication and quick access to our services,” concluded Pye. “It’s a great way to increase communication with our community, with the internal team, and with consumers in need of information and assistance.”

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