Green Industry: Annual Communication Strategy
For Growing In Your Off-Seasons

Don’t lose customers by forgetting them through fall and winter! Texting is a personal, effective way to engage customers – and whether you offer discounts, offers, or informational messages, you can increase your ROI and retention with just a few clicks and keep growing in your off-season. 

Take advantage of the visibility and consistent response rates that come with SMS texting campaigns, by using the below Annual Communication Strategy as a guide for sending your own text campaigns throughout the year.


examples of lawn care or landscaping sms text business marketing communications through fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons of the year to keep you growing in your off-season

At our low costs – with minimal effort and admin times required by you – the ROI speaks for itself, and your Captivated plan pays for itself. One text each season can make a significant impact! 

Sending a campaign out to segmented lists of customers (based on past services, current subscriptions or upcoming subscription expirations, etc.) would run you about the cost of a postage stamp. And if your customer tags are up-to-date so you can easily grab lists of customers from within Captivated, writing and executing a text announcement or campaign could take just a matter of minutes.


Seasonal texts can help keep you top-of-mind with customers throughout the year, in turn increasing your customer retention, and customer lifetime value.

With one single text campaign, one lawn care customer of ours was able to garner $200,000 in additional revenue, from add-ons and subscriptions.

Easily set up and launch your own campaigns from within Captivated, or schedule them out! Try it today or reach out to get started with us.


Whether you’re looking to increase your volume of annual subscriptions, achieve more sales for upsells or add-on services with your regular treatment sales, or work to improve your customer retention, Captivated has strategies to help you, regardless of whether you’re in your busy seasons. We can also help create workflows to make the admin load easier on you over time, and to make your efforts more efficient (including custom routing from SA5, automatic escalations for negative survey/review responses, and automated triggered reminders). 

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