Equipping Your Star Delivery Specialists
For The Subaru Love Encore Re-Delivery Program

The Subaru Love-Encore Program offers customers who have recently purchased new vehicles to be able to connect with a specialist and learn more about the features and capabilities of their new car. It’s a great idea – and simple enough, right? Yet there are several common challenges that the Star Delivery Specialists often face at their dealerships.

Captivated is the only text provider in the industry who has specifically designed a plan just for this Subaru program; through our specialized expertise, we are able to provide solutions to these problems which have otherwise gone ignored by other providers in the space.

phone showing qr code to be scanned for scheduling a subaru love encore re-delivery appointment
phones messaging one another to simulate the conversations between subaru star delivery specialists and customers who recently purchased a new vehicle


Customers start the booking process with a simple QR code scan – which integrates with your calendar availability to eliminate double-booking and enforce the 14-60 day delivery window. Customers receive a reminder about the upcoming appointment – increasing show rates.


Captivated’s text platform does not require an app for your customers – it ties in to iMessage/texting. Your Love Encore Star Delivery Specialist’s personal phone number is protected, and their business contacts and customer conversations can stay with the dealership (via Captivated) if that Specialist left.

Captivated can improve online reputation ratings by allowing Subaru specialists to request a review on Google or Facebook after a customer's re-delivery appointment
SMS or MMS texts sent back and forth between dealership specialist and new customer, about vehicle features


Seamless interactions and accessible relationships help drive that initial loyalty for vehicle service. And if you upgrade to a full-dealership plan, you could start booking F&I appointments, extend texting to sales and fixed ops, send invoices and collect CC/ACH payments, and request Google reviews or send surveys following appointments.


Customers receive a questionnaire (via text, through Captivated) before their re-delivery, and can book virtual meetings with our built-in Video Chat (not reliant on Zoom or FaceTime). Depending on your plan, they can also receive initial service offers or reminders, and follow-ups for declined service work. 

For Subaru dealerships who are participating in the Love-Encore Re-delivery program, Captivated’s offering can  enable specialists to connect with customers and set appointments – without risking double-booking or scheduling conflicts. 

Because Captivated is designed to be a shared portal: with multiple Star Delivery specialists, or a management or BDC team working closely with those customers, everything can easily be stored and managed from one unified place. Managers or other teams can see one another’s conversations, route customer inquiries to specific dept queues, and/or write internal notes to one another. 

Automated workflows can also significantly cut down on the admin time and effort required to perform tasks like following up with customers, sending reminders, checking customers in at their appointments, etc. – all of those can be triggered by workflows to happen at your desired intervals.

feature comparison for texting software providers for the subaru love encore re-delivery program - fixed booking window, built-in text communications, management insight and visibility for accountability, customers can book with QR code

Encore Delivery Specialists have freed up significant amounts of admin time, 

thanks to Captivated’s streamlined processes:

showing admin time requirements before and after using captivated
creating automated workflows in Captivated was shown to reduce admin time and efforts for subaru dealerships and encore delivery specialists