Connecting Your Dealership & Captivating Your Customers

connecting your dealership & captivating your customers

Brace for Positive Impact

Captivated’s frictionless enterprise text platform allows you to automate processes like booking and pay, while engaging in real-time, authentic conversations with customers.

It’s not just a text. It’s a conversation. Take control of that conversation – and start making real connections with your customers.

Each department uniquely benefits from Captivated:

automotive dealership retail location showing sales, service, parts, business development, and finance departments

Sales departments at automotive dealerships can benefit from Captivated in that they can share digital business cars via text with customers, create a unique QR code process for each salesperson to use for his/her own prospects, have visitors or new customers scan a QR code and send them a welcome video or custom offer from the owner or dealer principal, and any salesperson can also have the ability to text videos, photos, and to do virtual walkarounds with our text-to-video-chat technology

sales department dealership uses for Captivated

Service departments and the fixed operations portion of a dealership can benefit from using Captivated in that customers can check in for their appointments with an easy QR code process. Advisors can connect with customers in real-time to make recommendations and upsells. Customers can approve additional work and make payments via text during their appointment – even if they are not on-site – to save time at pick-up. And declined services or recommendations can also be tracked and easily followed-up-on.

In the Finance Department of a dealership, Captivated can be used to schedule and book appointments for pre-ordered vehicle deliveries. Collect apps and application data more easily and compliantly with Captivated’s secure software. Finance Managers can also collect down payments more securely and compliantly: customers can receive in-text access to an ACH/credit card payment portal to make a down payment – so you don’t have to make customers read credit card information over the phone!

uses for Captivated business texting for the Finance and Insurance department

For an automotive dealer’s Business Development Center or BDC processes, BDRs (business development representatives) can text customers ebefore calling.- which raises call success rates by over 50%! BDRs can also follow up on inquiries or inventory questions about vehicles via text, and send service appointment reminders and follow ups for service customers

use cases for car dealership business development centers and representatives to use Captivated business booking and follow-up software

A dealership’s Parts department and the back counter can be notorious for difficulty with hold times and communication – but now, Parts Managers will be able to gather VIN numbers via text from customers, to be able to check parts inventory availability more easily and readily – and to be able to relay that info to outsourcing shops more quickly as well. Hold times will be drastically minimized with Parts Managers now able to instead text customers with vehicle updates and information regarding orders and repairs

ways the Parts department of an auto dealership can benefit from using Captivated communication platforms

The body shop can also open a real, two-way text conversation that allows customers to ask for a quick update on their vehicle body work or repairs (without being left on hold). Customers can schedule or discuss estimates via text, and can use internal notes within Captivated’s software to track estimated delivery/completion dates and progress on ROs (repair orders) and repairs

Body shops can use Captivated communication software to improve customer and internal communications

Features that are universally-beneficial to your dealership include:

Captivated cuts down admin time and streamlines your internal processes by offering you unified, fully integrated customer communication management. The result? You achieve better ROI on marketing and follow-up efforts, more effective customer conversations in both the front and back ends of the dealership, and increased CSI scores and customer lifetime values (CLV) as a result.

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