The Captivated Express Pay technology is powered by deep integration with Stripe and Plaid. The offering includes both Credit Card and ACH processing. This remote payment technology is not designed to replace an existing Card Present solution that includes Swipe or Chip card readers. 

This program is unique in that it can pass 100% of the service fee costs on to the consumer as a convenience fee.   Effectively, this can become a zero-cost program where you, the “User”/Captivated subscriber, receives 100% of the amount requested.  

As a user of Captivated’s Express Pay technology you agree to the Terms of Use as defined below. 

1. Definitions and Fees:Captivated will apply the fees set out below to the services that we provide to User’s Connected Accounts. Fees are calculated from amounts processed and are deducted from the relevant Express Pay account balance.  

The Convenience/Transaction Fees for a given month are based on the Connected Accounts that receive a Payout during the month (“Active Accounts”), and the sum of all Payouts to the Connected Accounts for the preceding month (“Monthly Payout Volume”), where a “Payout” occurs each time funds are disbursed to a Connected Account’s bank account or debit card. The availability of Payout options and Account Debits is described in the Stripe Documentation and may vary depending upon the business location and specific bank accounts. 

Term Definition
User a user of Captivated that has permission to request a payment from a contact using the Express Pay technology.
Payee the recipient or customer of the Captivated User that has received a request for payment using the Express Pay technology.
Requested Amount the total amount requested by you, the User, through Captivated's Request Payment feature.
Convenience Fees The amount added to the requested amount to and paid by the Payee (customer).
Fees The amount Captivated Charges to remotely process payments via ACH or Card. These fees may optionally be passed on to the Payee. Any amount not passed on to the Payee (customer) will be paid by the Captivated subscriber and deducted from the payout amount.
Payout Amount The amount Captivated pays to the User during daily batch transactions. The payout amount can Equal the requested amount if all fees are passed on to the payee as convenience fees.
Transaction Amount The Total amount processed by Stripe for a transaction including any fees that may be passed on to the Payee (customer).
Screened Event Each instance in which the User or its connected account submits via the services an authorization or charge for screening.
Participation Fees The amount the User / Captivated Subscriber chooses to pay to offset or eliminate the Transaction Processing Fees added to the transaction and paid by the Payee. This amount may be adjusted at any time directly within the Captivated application by Administrators only.

Description Fee
Monthly Account Fee (paid by Captivated Subscriber) $20.00 per active account (unless included in subscription)
Remote CC Convenience/Service/Transaction Fee 3.5% + $0.35
Remote ACH Convenience/Service/Transaction Fee $1.50 + .90%
Daily batch payout fee Included in the Monthly account fee above
Radar Fraud Monitoring Included in the CC Service Fee above
Instant Payout Fee (optional) 1.00% of payout amount - reduced from payout
Credit Card Dispute Fee $15.00 per disputed payment if not resolved in user's favor
ACH Dispute Fee $15.00 per disputed payment
Foreign Exchange Fee 1% of total transaction amount - deducted from payout amount or billed monthly
Cross Border Fee 1% of total transaction amount - deducted from payout amount or billed monthly
Participation Fees The Initial settings defined below but may be updated and changed by the user at any time directly within the Captivated application.

2. Participation in Convenience / Service Fees:‌

Credit Card Fees: As a User/Captivated Subscriber I understand I can adjust the Credit Card convenience fee amount displayed to the customer directly from the Admin Settings in Captivated. These settings may be changed at any time.

ACH Fees: As a User/Captivated Subscriber I understand I can adjust the ACH convenience fee amount displayed to the customer directly from the Admin Settings in Captivated. These settings may be changed at any time. ‌‌

3. Payout Currency: The fees for Transactions paid out in a Payout Currency are indicated above. Depending on the Territory, Stripe may enable the User to specify a payout currency other than a Payout Currency. If Stripe makes this functionality available to the User, and the User directs the payout of Transaction funds in a currency other than a Payout Currency, then the fees then in force on the Pricing Page (as defined below) will apply to the Transaction.‌

4. General: This Fee Schedule is subject to this Agreement. The fees for these Services set out in this Fee Schedule supersede the corresponding fees listed at the Pricing Page.

5. Term: The term of this agreement is 30-days and requires 30-day notices for cancellation. Note, this agreement requires an active Captivated subscription that includes a texting plan. 

6. Indemnification: You will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Captivated, its affiliates, and its and their respective directors, officers, owners, employees, contractors, representatives, consultants, agents, suppliers, and licensors (together, “Captivated Parties”) from and against all claims, complaints, actions, lawsuits, demands, proceedings, losses, liabilities, damages, judgments, settlements, fees, fines, penalties, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with (a) your or your employees’ or contractors’ gross negligence, willful misconduct, or other tortious acts or omissions; (b) misuse of the Services by you or your employees or contractors; (c) use of the Services for unlawful purposes; or (d) any non-compliance with regulations or violations of law.  As the signer of this agreement, you understand that state laws and card issuer rules may vary regarding convenience fees and that you will set up your account in accordance with the appropriate jurisdiction and guidelines. Captivated has no control over the fees you choose to pass on to the customer as controlled in your payment settings.