Texting made easy for restaurants

Your guests just want to easily make dinner reservations or ask a simple question. They don't want to play phone tag or waste time on hold. When they want answers, guests should be able to reach you quickly. Transform your hosting stand with your restaurant guests the way they want to communicate instead. Best of all, cut down on the inbound phone traffic by allowing your patrons to text your phone line instead of call you.


Why do you need to call just
to get a reservation?

Managing a restaurant is hard. Your host stand can get overwhelmed with incoming calls with reservation requests, pickup or waiting times while you are trying to help guests in front of you. Do you want your staff to juggle all these issues or handle communication more effectively? If you're not texting, you're not offering customers a way to get answers faster. Using texting makes your business more efficient.

Don't stress over personal numbers

You can't make your staff use personal numbers to make texting work in the restaurant. With Captivated, you can use a company text line to make your communication system work. If your hosting staff gets overwhelmed, they can forward conversations to other employees to help get reservations and orders scheduled. Empower your staff to tackle incoming and outgoing messages all on one platform.


How can you use Captivated?

Set reservations

Keep your restaurant full by easily scheduling reservations

  • Receive and process requests more efficiently
  • Send confirmation times and follow up messages
  • Avoid needing to pay an OpenTable fee or another software platform fee when customers can text you directly

Manage pickup orders

You don't need a phone call to deliver a simple order

  • Take down the complete order without a confusing conversation in a loud restaurant
  • Follow up with the time of pickup

Deal with vendors better

Your staff has to deal with many companies. From food and liquor distributors, to hood cleaning vendors, they all want to communicate more easily.

Make requests and keep your team on the same page with all vendor communication using Captivated


The number of ways
you can use texting is endless!

  • Provide order updates and changes quickly
  • Let your customers know when the time of reservation approaches
  • Send pictures of food orders if needed
  • Schedule visits and appointments for vendors in advance
  • Confirm payment with text-to-pay
  • Answer any follow up questions with your vendors
  • Promote and sell gift cards easily to using Text-to-Pay.

Increase loyalty from returning customers

  • Develop notes on returning diners
  • Answer questions quickly on the restaurant

Less than 1/3 of prospective guests will pick up the phone if you callLess than 1/3 of prospective clients will pick up the phone if you call. You can't afford to inconvenience them with voicemail and confusing phone tag games. Give them a better reason to communicate with your business.

Texting is less intrusive than a phone call
Texting is less intrusive than a phone call
Dont waste time on email
You get faster responses than sending an email
You get faster responses than sending an email

You no longer need to wait on email response from vendors.
No need to create long and unnecessary email chains.

Why do you need
to text clients now?

Develop catering leads

Increase leads

If your restaurant caters, you can use quicker and easier communication to close more deals. Empower existing and new customers to quickly and easily text you directly from your website.
New leads will be sent directly to your texting inbox for the staff to handle. When your customers can easily forward your contact information through their phone, word-of-mouth grows faster!

Empower prospective guests to quickly and easily text you directly from your website

Supercharge your landline

Captivated enables your landlines with texting so all your print ads can say call or text.

Supercharge your landline

Record conversations

With Captivated, you'll have a permanent record of every guest or vendor conversation. Never again do you have to bother sorting through old messages in your email or voicemail.

Assure quality control

Have your delivery team send photos of the final setup to show operations that everything that was ordered was setup both properly and on-time.

Speed up productivity

Speed up productivity

Quickly share menus, price deals and other important information. Free up your hosting staff to answer questions one at a time instead of juggling conversations. Your staff will be more productive and effective.

Transform customer service

Eliminate complaints faster, prevent social media complaints and avoid a damaged online reputation by allowing your customers to easily voice their concerns to you. Making the dining experience much more convenient.

Coaching effectively

Keep improving your customer service with real-time guidance and feedback to any employee directly within conversations.

Coaching effectively

Text to pay

Request payment for pickup orders through secure billing links without needing the customer to deliver their credit card number over the phone.

text to pay

Enjoy custom keyword alerts

Coming in 2017, if a vendor or guest uses a key word, we can automatically route conversation to the right queue.

Schedule messages

With our scheduled message feature, you a message immediately and deliver it at any time or date in the future.

Built-in notes

Add notes on each conversation that only you and your team will see. Notes enable you to tag-team with your co-workers, making sure a conversation gets handled quickly and thoroughly.

Ditch business cards

Deliver digital business cards so your restaurant guests can easily reach you in the future by placing your contact info directly in a smartphone.

Deliver multimedia messages

Sometimes it helps to send pictures of food or your restaurant guests. For large parties, showcase your private dining areas to potential customers. You can also send your vendors any pictures of videos of food or equipment needs. Do it all in one mobile app.

Use Captivated anywhere

Use Captivated anywhere

Access Captivated from any desktop, iOS or Android device. Every employee can download our free app and easily communicate with current and potential guests on-the-go.

Get notifications

Desktop browser notifications and email notifications are delivered to you so you don't miss any incoming messages. If you're away from your desks, you'll get mobile notifications on your iOS or Android app.

Group messaging

Coming in early 2017, use custom tags to segment your database into simple groups and send them direct messages.

Group messaging

CRM integration

Coming summer 2017, Captivated is delivering this powerful add-on. View previous messages or start a new conversation while still in your CRM.

Are you ready to Captivate
your clients?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle communication with your guests and your internal team more efficiently than ever before.

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