An Enterprise Solution for better Customer Communication

Keep your team on track

Browser, Mobile and Email Notifications

To ensure no message slips through the crack.

Internal notes for Team Communication

Communicate with team members and coach others on communication with your customers.

Templates with Custom Merge Fields

Save time using personalized templates with custom merge fields.

Keep your team on track
All of your messages in one place

All of your messages in one place

One Unified Inbox

Easily filter between your own conversations and your entire team's conversations.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

All conversations are stored in the cloud and accessible on both browser and mobile devices.

Manage All Teams and Employees

By creating new users, departments and conversation queues.

“Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.”

— Mobile Marketing Watch


Available on any iOS, Android or Desktop device for remote access anywhere.


Customers can send mobile payments quickly and conveniently.

“90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.”

— Connect Mogul

A better way to communicate with customers

Record and store conversations

So you can keep track of customer communication.

Digital business cards

Deliver digital business cards directly to your customer's smartphone so they can quickly connect with you in the future.

Send Pictures, Files and Videos

Send and receive photos, videos and more for the best customer experience.


Set expectations on hours of operation so they know when they should expect a text back.

Schedule your messages

Follow up with your customers by scheduling future messages and remind them of upcoming appointments.

Assign conversations

Assign / transfer any conversation to the appropriate person or invite them to join-just like a phone call!

Keyword Auto-Replies

To automatically reply to FAQs and send pre-drafted messages, forms, docs, etc.

Request Contact Exchanges

Invite new customers to share their contact information while simultaneously saving your contact card to their phone.

Receive customer payments

Secure & compliant payment collection has never been easier. Why force your customers to wait in line to pay when they can pay before pickup?


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