Build your COVID-19 text hotline for employee screening and contact tracing

Captivated is here to help your business or organization during this current pandemic.

Communication and transparency are key to serving your audience. We can text enable your existing business line(s) in less than one hour and take tremendous pressure off incoming phone traffic. Our platform is mobile friendly and built for a virtual workforce and works from any browser, iOS or Android device. Our service is month-to-month.

See the features below that can help!


Leverage our group send feature to quickly and easily send real-time updates to your customers and even employees by department.

Form Request

Collect orders painlessly via text. Our form technology allows you to send customers your mobile-friendly interactive menu.


Invoice and collect payment remotely using your existing merchant account. No physical interaction is required to collect payment.

Keyword Actions

Use keywords to drive a great automated process for curbside pickup as well as for pickup and delivery notifications.


Our voice technology allows remote employees to call your clients from their cellphone using your business number as the caller ID.

Secure Chat and Face-to-Face Secure Video

Instantly connect with your patients and clients through our secure chat and our NEW secure video chat.

Live Chat and Text-Us

Our custom widgets for your website allow your audience to pre-select a department or even a specialty queue.

Team Chat

Includes Group Chat rooms for management meetings, 1-on-1 conversations, and 1-way announcements from leadership.