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Introducing Periodic: Scheduling Power Comes to Captivated

We are so excited to announce a new, custom, online booking and scheduling tool inside Captivated, called Periodic. 

Periodic offers NEW online scheduling functionality to help you drive appointments, simplify scheduling for you and your team, and better engage customers by doing so in real-time.

With Periodic, you can now seamlessly send appointment requests and reminders via text messaging and see the booked appointment right in your conversation thread.

An Easier Way?

Does your team set appointments with clients or prospective clients? Do you find yourself wishing for less “back and forth” as you look for mutually available times on your calendar? And thinking, “There must be an easier way!”

In fact, there is.

Periodic offers the ability to customize the scheduling tool to meet your needs, syncs with Google and Outlook calendars, and is beneficial for any size business. So, with the new scheduling power of Periodic inside Captivated, your customers can access your availability in real-time and then quickly, easily, and efficiently schedule their appointment online.

Why should you consider online appointment scheduling in Captivated?

  1. Your customers prefer it. Given the choice between taking a phone call and trying to match calendars vs. hopping online and choosing an appointment without any issues, wait, or headache … well, what would you choose?

  2. Save time and money. Unnecessary time on the phone (or the “back and forth” of phone tag) is drastically reduced with online appointment scheduling. As customers are given the power to book appointments, you are able to invest more time and money in driving your business forward!

  3. Stand out above the competition. Did you know 3 of 4 businesses do not use online scheduling to book customer appointments? Combined with the competitive advantage already brought to you through Captivated, online appointment scheduling will help you stand out in a big way.

  4. Increase revenue. Companies that implement online booking see a significant increase in business appointments (some as high as 150%). Not only does this drive incremental revenue, but it significantly reduces your customer acquisition costs. Double win!

Here are some ways you can use Periodic to better power your business:

  1. Send appointment requests via text messaging with Captivated.

  2. See all of your booked appointments within the conversation (in-line)

  3. Define your own windows of availability, so that contacts book with you only during designated hours.

  4. Sync your Google or Microsoft calendar to automatically provide your availability for your clients to book appointments with you.

  5. Automatically send email and SMS reminders for booked appointments.

  6. Collect information related to your appointments via forms built in to the booking process.

  7. Embed your booking page or calendar directly on your website to increase conversion and drive appointments (more on this below!).

The Shift to Scheduling 

COVID has created a shift away from group activities to scheduled virtual and private sessions. Here are just a few ways Captivated’s business communication only gets stronger with our NEW online scheduling power with Periodic:

  1. Churches, synagogues, and other places of worship can use online scheduling to keep meeting room occupation at capacities in accordance with state mandates.
  1. Colleges and universities can use online scheduling to reserve the use of rooms for students where virtual learning is not an option (e.g. hands-on learning with expensive lab equipment).
  1. Auto and marine retailers can use online scheduling to book test drives for cars and boats, providing dealers the time to sanitize the demo vehicle and customers a timely and first-rate experience.
  1. Pet training and daycare businesses can use online scheduling to book appointments for classes, drop offs, pick ups, and visits, so as to keep capacities in line with health mandates.

A Closer Look 

Let’s take a closer look at that last example. In this case, your dog training business has incorporated online scheduling to book appointments for training and play care. This is especially helpful when your business must limit the number of pets and/or people at your location(s).

Using Captivated, you can quickly and easily text an appointment request link to your customers. The link takes them to an online scheduling page where “bookable” appointment types are displayed (below). Here, we have two options: a FastTrack reservation and a PlayCare/Fast Track reservation.

Let’s assume that your customer wishes to book a PlayCare/Fast Track reservation and clicks “Book.” She will be served with the online scheduling process, powered by Periodic (below).

Next, a date and time are selected. Remember that you can set your business’ specific windows of availability, so appointments are booked only during the hours you specify. After your customer selects their preferred date and time, further information gathered regarding the details of their reservation (below).

It’s that simple. And remember that once the appointment or reservation is booked, you can see that appointment confirmation right within the customer conversation in Captivated. You can even set up the process to automatically send email and/or SMS reminders for scheduled appointments.

This gives you a taste for how the NEW online appointment scheduling of Periodic works alongside the business texting power of Captivated.

Interested in adding Periodic to your Captivated subscription? Or simply want more information on how Captivated can help take your business communication to the next level? Text us today at 317.316.3188.